St Davids Youth Club are fundraising - April 2021

St Davids Care – News – April 2021 – St Davids Youth Club are fundraising for us!

St Davids Youth Club are fundraising for our trust and we really
want to thank them for the task they are undertaking and help.


Pancakes at Home - October 2019

St Davids Care – News – October 2019 – Pancakes at Home!

Pancakes at Home
Who doesn’t love pancakes! Certainty Susan and John do, as they were very
busy on friday morning getting the mixture just right to make tasty pancakes
for their fellow residents.
Both Susan and John enjoyed the whole learning process and worked as a team to
ensure that there were plenty of pancakes for all to enjoy.
A big thank you to both from the other residents 􁄨


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NEWS FLASH...St. Davids Care Trust 2019 Calendar Launch!

NEWS FLASH – St. Davids Care Trust Launch Their 2019 Calendar!

Following the success last year St. Davids Care Trust are launching their 3rd calendar (2019) and would love your support by buying one…or more.

More images of the actual calendar months will be updated nearer to launch!

It makes a lovely present and lasts a year and at only 5.99 plus 2.99 postage is a bargain.

Buy more than 1 and only pay 2.99 postage

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NEWS FLASH...5 St Davids Care Pens...Only 2.99

St. Davids Care Trust Launch New 2017 Pens!

For the first time the St. Davids Care Trust are launching a 2017 calendar and would love your support by buying one…or more.

It really helps to support us and is useful at only 2.99 for 5 pens …….buyer collects or we can post (But with postage added).

Thank you for your support!

Be Very Careful!  Dropbox Phising Scam

E-Mail Dropbox Phising Scam

Please be very careful if you get an e-mail from St. Davids Care asking you to enter details
in your Dropbox account, this is a scam, delete the e-mail immediately.

Here are 2 x links about the scam and how you can protect yourselves.

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Andrew Gosden Missing

News – Every Year Hundreds Of Children Go Missing?

We have posted some news about a missing boy/man called Andrew Gosden and if you click on the link it will take you to the website Andrews family have put up trying to find him.

If posting this news helps find one lost child or re-unites one…then it has been worth it!

Also you can see news about other missing children from: LINKS TO:

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2016-02-03  Proud Graduation For PPF Members

Three members of Pembrokeshire People First (PPF), the leading local charity run by and for adults with learning disabilities, have successfully completed a course with Disability Wales, aimed at developing tomorrow’s leaders, and ensuring disabled peoples’ voices are heard loud and clear.

Jeremy de Wilton, Stuart Merritt and James Tyler all successfully completed the challenging course, learning about who does what in government, and how to influence decisions and get involved.

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