• B. Dunkley

    “I am happy in my home and I have my own key and can lock my bedroom if I want to.”

  • S. Rogers

    “It’s nice living away from parents now and having independence.”

  • C. Eccles

    “I Thought it was nice when I first came and I still like it.”

  • J. Thomas

    “I like living here in Fairfield and don’t want to live on my own. I go out in the garden and walk the dog in my free time.”

  • M. Everett

    ” I’m proud of my flat. Never had one before. And travelling independent on the train to London.”

  • L. Barnett

    “It’s good. I like it here. We go out a lot, we do, out for walks. L. Barnett.”

  • D. Price

    ” I do artwork and go to Whitesands and Blue Lagoon.”

  • R. Harmer

    “I like the scenery, being near the sea and seeing all the wildlife. I can see my friends whenever I want and can have privacy as well.”

  • B. Lemkow

    “I like everything here in St. Davids.”

  • A. Kelly

    “St. Davids is really great. I have more independence here than in London”

  • L. Hall - Director

    St.Davids Care In The Community provides high levels of care and community intergration for complex indivduals, delivered by a highly trained staff.”